The short answer is COVID! More and more our lives are including an online component. Google has given teachers, students, and pretty much everyone an amazing set of tools that are incredibly user-friendly and intuitive to use. For my needs as an Art Specialist, I need engaging and interactive presentation tools! Apple products are still a challenge to convert to the Google platforms and I have an historical mental block with Microsoft products. However, I realize the Google apps are Microsoft based and have the intuitive friendliness of Apple apps. So, I dove in… finally!

The forms seem to be a nifty tool for creating assessment docs and gathering information, if you need that sort of thing. Like anything else, it needs a little practice. I was contemplating using it to create a long process journal for a big unit plan coming up. I’m still uncertain how that might turn out and fit into the formats I’m required to supply my students this year. Ah, the challenges of not yet having my own classroom… it’s all part of the learning process, my fiends, and I’m making the best of it! I believe I will be trying a few parts of this when I complete may new online teaching portfolio to allow prospective employers see the application of this cool tool!

Course Description: “Google Forms is the free, easy, and fun way to collect data online. In this course, LinkedIn Learning staff instructor Jess Stratton shows you everything you need to know to create surveys and collect responses with Google Forms. Jess walks you through the process of building forms, including how to design your form, add questions, and insert images and videos, as well as leveraging the built-in templates. Next, Jess shows how to work with your survey responses, including customizing response settings, sending the form to recipients, viewing and analyzing response data, and closing out the form for future responses. Finally, learn how to take your forms further by applying filters and charts, analyzing data in Excel, and embedding forms on webpages.”


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