The title is entirely for my daughter, Sabine. In high school, they called everything and everyone who did anything and looked even remotely silly, derpy. She took great patience to try and explain the concept of derpiness to me and the best way I can explain my understanding is: it’s kinda awkward, silly, nerdy, direct, self-assured weirdness. I’m not sure this drawing applies to her definition, but it feels like it might.

The brown and orange tonality of the fur works beautifully against the bright green backdrop… while the focal point is meant to be the face, I might have been able to draw it further offside and angled the body towards the vanishing point in the upper right corner… but this too feels right, considering my goal is to portray these. subjects as a child might draw them. I feel the eyes are a great success in they they are demanding you look right at him, saying: “Hey you, look at me!”

What do you hear him say?

More to come…


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