I passed an old lady on my way I smiled at her She gummed a smile at me. I saw her weary wrinkles soften for an instant. A smile is sometimes the most beautiful gift of the day. by M. Perron (Originally written February 24, 1993) Notes: Is it just me, or did I write … Continue reading Smile



It shone, and shone, and shone, The pale pate of the janitor. The stylish rag hanging out of his back pocket moved slightly as he talked. His conversation couldn’t have been of garbage. Could it? It seemed an involved topic for he leaned on the table of the man he confronted. Whatever, How does it … Continue reading IT

Oh, that stylish hat!

What was he counting? Change from the coffee he bought? The numbers of his medicare card? Some hope inspiring loto ticket? I don’t know. Did he chose his pants? They are of a greenish colour that dirt does not really show up on. Or does he just like the way they look with his taupe … Continue reading Oh, that stylish hat!

More Mall People

The morning is bright for our hero this morning We’ve got the milk drinker spewing inanities to the crone who accompanies him. We’ve got the curly haired lady wearing sunglasses in the dimmest corner of the room, seemingly having a debate with herself. We’ve got another auto-conversationalist sipping his coffee, polishing his glasses, and stuffing … Continue reading More Mall People

Young Boy

Young Boy Sitting in the metro in a green snowsuit and black and white, striped hat. He’s trying to get comfortable Lying this way and that Using his arm to rest upon. He looks over to his Mother sitting across the way in another seat. He looks down at his seat and pats the space … Continue reading Young Boy

You Can’t Do It All By Yourself

Law #9 - Creating your own success team Dale Carnegie is credited for teaching  the leadership concept that there is no such thing as a self made man, someone had to help him along the way, and that's the central message of chapter 10 in “If You Think You Can”... TEAMWORK! I hope to illustrate why … Continue reading You Can’t Do It All By Yourself

These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Say Hello To Sawsan Elkhaldi

Dear Friends, Neighbours, & Readers, Every now and then you come across a business professional who runs their businesses with pure passion and a very clear “WHY”. These kinds of businesses are the ones I love to support the most. These are also often the best stories to tell. Judge for yourself...  I am very … Continue reading These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Say Hello To Sawsan Elkhaldi

When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I’m about to tell you a story of a very special person who probably will be a little embarrassed to know I’m telling it. You see, she does what she does out of a love and compassion that is inspirational to me. This genuine kindness is the happiness story I’m compelled to tell today. Every … Continue reading When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Say Hello to Sharkie Tarakjian

Dear Friends, Neighbours, & Readers, I am deeply proud to introduce to you one of the nicest, and most creative specialists for Top Of Mind Awareness promotional items, Mr. Sharkie Tarakjian. I’ve been very honoured to have been able to work with him and his amazing team. I consider Sharkie more than a trusted resource & … Continue reading These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Say Hello to Sharkie Tarakjian

Odds & Ends – I Surrender…

... to my multitude of interests! Start with taking a look at my ever growing  Pinterest account which has 70 distinct boards with over 12,000 Pins, and I'm sure I could easily sub-categorize them even further into strong interests. I really believe that if I could split myself in 70 I could possibly find time to … Continue reading Odds & Ends – I Surrender…