Setting a new goals and getting amazed as the universe conspires to make happen what really needs to happen.

A few months ago I started a soft evaluation of what I loved the most in all the jobs I’ve ever had. I have always enjoyed teaching, training, or coaching others. I have always seen it as an added value I bring any and every J-O-B. It has been the one task that challenged and enriched me the most. I got to contribute to the team with what I love and what I am very, very good at… teaching! It’s what I studied to be in university, after all. Maybe it was time to get back on track.

The idea started to solidify in my mind and heart. I wanted to be a Corporate Trainer.


What do I do with this idea? Answer – Seriously consider it and do some research!

Definition: A corporate trainer is a specialized skill development position in a corporation where the goal is to help improve the performance of the employees. The performance areas can range from “soft skills” or “people skills” to “hard skills” relating to specific technical tasks.

Well, that does sound nice, but what how does this relate to me? Let’s continue with my usual methods of research, shall we?

I believe in signs that tell me to move forward on instincts, so here are the ones I caught.

1- A dinner with family where two people reminded me how much of a good teacher I am, and asked if I would ever pursue that career again. I heard myself answering that I was considering it… maybe as a corporate trainer, or CEGEP teacher. Hmmm… that felt good.

2- A dinner with a friend who does recruiting as part of her job, and has a knack of getting me to focus some thoughts. The discussion again revolved around teaching and how I explain geeky topics so clearly & passionately. She suggested I consider consultation and be the guy who trains the clients on the solutions sold to them. Hmmm… interesting.

3- A gathering with many friends, where the question of career changes was discussed and what I could do next suggested. Several suggested the teaching angle and when I described my understanding and motivation towards Corporate Trainer, they expressed approval. Hmmm… so what, Now What???

4- I’ve been on a waiting list for an exclusive networking / career coaching group. I got the call this morning. Due to a cancellation, I can start tomorrow. I took the opportunity.  Hmmm.. an added affirmation to follow this train of thought.

5- Reality Check – Companies cut out training budgets first in difficult times and here in Montreal, times are rough. However, my rule of 3 signs tells me to follow this path. Hmmm… the opportunity to put faith and the universal laws into practice. I love it! 


I must say that evaluating a career change is a big challenge. For me it required questioning my fears, filtering a variety of advice points, and trying on the decisions to see how they feel. If it felt good, pursue it deeper, watch for the signs, have faith in my instincts.

Yes, I know this is all easier said than done, but I made a decision to pursue a plan of action, evaluate the results of the sub-actions, and make course corrections when needed. It was all uphill from there, my friends and I was excited to climb each step & part of the plan towards a goal.


Then things began to change. An attractive opportunity to incorporate networking and sales arose and sidetracked me from the teaching. So, I convinced myself it wasn’t meant to be at that time. 

Then that plan changed. The networking introduced me to a great many amazing consultants and coaches. Some became mentors, others friends, all inspiring me towards teaching. Only, how do I go back? Then the A-Ha moment hit! Not backwards, Mario, but TOWARDS… However, I didn’t want to quit on the sales job, because I felt people would judge me for quitting. Surprise! To my amazement and endless gratitude people commented that my passions was never in the sales, but in the teaching and sharing of knowledge, and some even started asking me to use this skill to help them communicate their visions clearly to a greater audience.

So, TOMA Marketing was born as a vehicle for consulting and writing services. This is growing into something very interesting and should be getting much clearer over the next few weeks. The writing services part took on a life of it’s own, and has become my primary passion, which fuels this blog and my soul on a daily basis.

What am I learning from this? My original goal was voiced as wanting to teach, but I didn’t visualize it clearly, so it changed. The universe, in it’s infinite wisdom heard my feelings and passions for sharing knowledge and writing, then crafted a learning filled course of trial & error to get me to where I am right now: A work in progress, with a clear passion and a sense of purpose. For now, this is enough to go on and take the leap of faith to follow.

ps: Hey, Universe! I know you’re listening.


Thank you Universe!

What’s next for you?

Wishing you all a Tremendous Day!


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