Here We Go…

I’ve started reading The Artist Way by Julia Cameron on the advice of a an excellent Life Coach. I had complained that I was having a creative block and it felt tied into much of the transitions I’m going through on my growth journey right now. She’s not only understood what I was meaning, but knows me well enough to give me no other enticement to read the book than saying I will understand exactly why I need to go through the course once I’ve read the introduction. She was right, AGAIN! Thank you Rhonda.  A little note before I begin: I have no affiliate link to this recommendation and I’m getting no direct renumeration from making it. However, feel free to donate to my journey on this blog. HeeHee.

Now I embark on a 12 week program that invites me to write daily morning pages (to exorcize the demon voice in my head), weekly artists dates (to refuel my engines with new inspirations), weekly tasks described in each chapter, and the challenge of only reading and/or rereading one chapter a week.

I’m not sure how much of this process I’ll share with you, nor the consistency of the posting intervals, but I will share some of it. Stuff like the morning pages is meant to be written in hand, pen to paper and let go. It would be counter-productive to rewrite the daily three pages, as I would feel obliged to edit out stuff and self-judge other stuff. You’ll just have to trust me thatI’ve already started these morning pages and they are delivering what Mrs. Cameron has promised they wood in her introduction. The rest will be up for sharing, for the most part. Unless, like the morning pages, requires that I not self-edit.

So, thank you for joining me on this journey of discovery and creativity! You are welcome to join me and do the course to reveal your own journey, then to share what you discover here on my blog. Sometimes, it’s more fun to go through these challenges with other.

My Artist Way Contract

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