He caught me observing him and got a really annoyed look on his face. That's what I'd have felt had my subject been a live person, as it turns out it was an Expressionist drawing that I changed by exaggerating the neck, straightening the head from a tilted position, and removing the hand it was … Continue reading Watching

Quiet Glance

I'm digging deep into Expressionist portraiture and transforming my source materials into my own signature style. Well, that's what I believe. I'm pushing myself to play with different framing and body poses, as well as trying to explore different skin tones with coloured charcoal and contes. I just loved the way her head was tilted … Continue reading Quiet Glance

Coquette Determined

Just stretching out of my comfort zone a little more each day. This dreamy lady is determined to stare back at anyone brave enough to admire her. It's not clear if she likes it, dislikes it, or is challenging the looker to be brave and talk to her. I used coloured charcoal and conte, but … Continue reading Coquette Determined

What Can I Say?

Perhaps this guy just received a great compliment and answers in a very self-satisfied fashion by saying "What Can I Say?" I blended this one in steps and played a little more with layering the blacks and whites to build up tones. I'm continuously fascinated with how these charcoals end up looking like watercolours. The … Continue reading What Can I Say?

Strange Style Choices

Well, let's just say that I was as uncomfortable of this shirt he's wearing as it looked in the photo I used for source material. It appeared to be a triangular shaped, Butterly imprinted poncho over a shiny black leotard. I couldn't tell for sure, as I only saw the portrait from the waist up. … Continue reading Strange Style Choices

Briefly Looking Back

Did she somehow catch the thoughts of the admirer behind her? Did someone say something that caught her attention? Either way, I caught her in a quick look back over her shoulder. Of course, this whole scene is in my imagination. I drew this from a picture of a model very accurately posing for her … Continue reading Briefly Looking Back

Transformations with Life #9 – The Reaching Pot

I wasn't sure if I wanted to repurpose this small tea bowl. It was very nicely done, comfortable in the hand, and with a beautiful blue crackle glaze. This early pot got very close to some of the early Korean pots I was inspired by. When I added this little indoor hanging plant, I wasn't … Continue reading Transformations with Life #9 – The Reaching Pot

Transformations with Life #8 – The Forest Floor

After planting the four maple seedlings I added some garden moss to keep the soil moist and then I put it in the sun. A few days later other plants started to grow. It looks very much like the floor of the forest with the trees high about and tons of life struggling fort a … Continue reading Transformations with Life #8 – The Forest Floor

Transformations With Life #7 – The Barber’s Story

One of only a few remaining of my long face vessels, this one was originally meant to be a prototype for s beer stein. At that time, I had yet discovered the versatility of porcelain, so this earthenware is thick and weighty. Still, it fits nicely in the hand and could have been used as … Continue reading Transformations With Life #7 – The Barber’s Story

Transformations With Life #6 – Summer Flowers

Please take note that there are two different pots shown here. I planted a flower from my garden that returns every year. I've always known them as snapdragons. The become a bright orange-pink and look like a cross between a crocus and bird of paradise. The goblets they are now living in were from a … Continue reading Transformations With Life #6 – Summer Flowers