Weather Report – Chance of Mondrian Skies

I was intending to give it a uniform sky colour, but my focus kept going to the geometric shapes seen in the tower and between the buildings. It reminded me of a Mondrian painting, so I thought, why not...? I'm still uncertain the white user-sky was the right choice, but I sometimes have that fear, … Continue reading Weather Report – Chance of Mondrian Skies


Jaded Bird

I looked up at the roof and what did I see? Some big bird staring down on me and the crowd of tourists I was with on this visit to Les Forges de Montreal. I imagined it was shaking its head disapprovingly. I really have no idea what it was thinking, or even if this … Continue reading Jaded Bird

The Old Sky Walk

The skywalk is part of the Five Roses silo complex, and the stone building on the right-front side of the picture was once Montreal's water pumping station. It is now the residence of Les Forges de Montreal. A non-profit metalsmith school. It's part of a return to valuing hand-crafted objects that seems to be popping … Continue reading The Old Sky Walk

As A Matter Of Fact

I'm on the fence about this one. While she seems to have a fixed thought in her mind, I get a sense that some uncertainty remains. Perhaps it comes from the loose use of coloured charcoals and how I rubbed them with a lighter touch than usual to get a grainier finish. In the photo … Continue reading As A Matter Of Fact


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Imagine a business supper, where colleagues are toasting one of their own for an important award, only this time the winner of the award is one of the offices stranger occupants. In fact, he is almost unknown by anyone, because of his closed and solitary demeanour. Imagine his manager is now speaking and obviously struggling … Continue reading Gus


He looks down and away, unable to face your gaze. What did he do? Why is he so visibly filled with remorse? I've been told that an artist almost always incorporates part of themselves in every portrait they make. For me, I believe that something inside me often speaks out whey I make faces. I'm … Continue reading Remorse

Transformations with Life #3: Creeping Donavan

This pitiful succulent was laying half out of its plastic pot when I found it in the hardware store garden centre. It needed some love. I wasn't sure it would to survive being transplanted, much less be able to stand being formed and bent with wire. I gently added fresh earth around it and placed … Continue reading Transformations with Life #3: Creeping Donavan

Transformations With Life #2: The Potted Pixie

This simple succulent is elevated and transformed, as is the small tea bowl, now reborn as a planter. The pot now lives into a second life with purpose as the home of this baby plant. Something about how she stands in the pot, full of mischief and reaching to get out and conquer the world, … Continue reading Transformations With Life #2: The Potted Pixie

The Tempest Tracker

I just let go with this one and when it was all done, I felt the mess of charcoal dust just added to the story of this character. It was born in a tempest of self-doubt and confidence. Once the title came to me, so did the story. This guy is a sometimes adventure guide, … Continue reading The Tempest Tracker