Just to make things clear… the title is intended to be “Tourist Under The Windowed Wall”.

I started this one a little differently than the any other painting to date. I hung a black canvas next to the previous piece I’d been working on and used the excess paint on my pallet to start this one. I’ve been wasting too much paint lately and one of my classmates told a story about how they collected it all into a jar and used it when needing a muddy brown. I didn’t want the brown, but loved the idea of using the left over paint, so I did.

This first photo gives you the idea of the composition, but is far from what I want the details to be. I took a risk (well, for me at least) in doing it this way, because I sometimes forget my previous vision when I don’t get it down quickly. The good thing is I felt this initial coverage didn’t get close to what I wanted to do and that urged me to work on it more… more on that tomorrow.

Stay tuned…


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