Yesterday, I mentioned my uncertainty about how this would get finished and gave you some of the questions I was asking myself. The one I was most uncertain about was the dry-brushing the wet paint across the background. I couldn’t visualize what it would look like and that made me a little anxious.

I reminded myself that I’m an explorer first and taking risks must be part of that process. Also, I could always restart part or all of the painting if I really mucked it up. So, I dove in and kept adding subtle touches… I needed to let it dry and I needed to step away from it to see how I would feel… This morning it felt better.

I realized something interesting about how I distance myself from my work and what allows me to be more objective. This may sound counterintuitive, but it is when I am editing the photos for presentation that I feel removed from them and see them with a more objective eye. I am able to crop the canvas without the surrounding noise, bring into focus the colours, and details as I see them in the lighting of my studio. What I share with the public is more authentically how I see the work.

Materials: Acrylic on recycled canvas (overpaint)

Dimensions: 24” (60cm) x 12” (30cm)

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ 


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