Let me start by saying I’m getting to that dangerous point in my semester where I just feel like quitting! I’m exhausted from all the academic papers and just want to get doing stuff! I want to continue painting more figures and faces and digging deeper into this style, but there are still things to complete for some art history lectures, some fibres projects (which I am so not inspired to do) and the last challenge in painting is to make abstract paintings: been there, done that, don’t want to revisit it. So, I apologize for the grumps I’m feeling.

Not all is grumpy though. I think I might be done with this one. Again, I thank the muses (David Park and Richard Diebenkorn) for lending me an aesthetic that resonates with me deeply. I’m loving this style, but you already know that.

It was a great leap of faith that I needed to start on the skin. I was enjoying the white against all the colour. As I mentioned to one of my followers, I have this strange fascination with intentionally incomplete work. It brings me back to my childhood when one of my first painting teachers told us we mustn’t fear the blanc canvas, nor blank spaces. I’m thinking she was suggesting it leaves room for the imagination of the viewer to contribute to the story. I didn’t want to do that here, but it will be an experiment in another composition that I’ve started visualizing.

Dimensions: 55ā€ (139cm) x 22ā€ (56cm)

Acrylic on reclaimed (over painted) canvas

So, time to move forward with other things…

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