Key take-away for today… I need to pick a musical pallet along with my colour pallet!

I knew I was going to paint the bathers, but I picked a random musical choice to paint with, and I felt resistance in almost every brushstroke… almost like I was painting against the music, instead of with it.

The “Kind of Blue” abstract I recently finished as a visual reaction to Miles Davis’ recording of the same name, taught me just how much the music greases my creative wheels. I hear the colour narrative flow through the music, evidently.

In this new painting, I knew I wanted to paint a blue and bright background to reflect the summer sky, but I didn’t’t want it to become another cliche of a vacation scene. It needed to look more relaxed. The blue was resisting at first and when I started in on the yellow, it just wanted to go green and moody. This just might be a wet-on-wet painting challenge, but emotionally it felt like something more… I was distracted by the tone of the rockabilly-folk mix I had on. Some of the bayou creeped in. Not too bad, once I let it happen. I may yet change the background…

stay tuned…


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