Some of my earliest inspirations (and fascinations) was Henri Rousseau’s jungle foliage. The way he achieve both sharp definition and blurry movement simultaneously still sends me into an art-geek frenzy! I just love the textures that visually trigger all my senses. Maybe it’s his rich use of greens and blues in a multitude of hues that grab my attention, I’m not sure. I only know it reaches inside and touches me. As I researched his work over the years, I came to realize the great playfulness and joy he must have felt in painting hints of things hiding just outside the canvas frame. This is where my little bird lives… just outside a Rousseau painting. He smirks with satisfaction for being part of Rousseau’s little joke… perhaps thinking: I see on their faces, they know something is here, but they don’t know it’s me, hee, hee.”

I really pushed the pastels thickly onto the page and rubbed some away with the blending stick,,, by the way, if you are enjoying how the colours spread messily all over the page… use the same blending stick for every colours block and let the colours bleed into each other.

What do you think my little bird is thinking?

More to come…


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