“Aesthetic Explorations Through Arts & Design”

I'm continuing to think out loud here... please feel free to chime in... As you know, I've been considering the branding of my artwork and other creative projects. Arts MPerron doesn't feel like it covers my past creative explorations, much less all the new projects I've got underway. MPerron Creations feels like it encompasses the … Continue reading “Aesthetic Explorations Through Arts & Design”


Can I Have Your Opinion, Please?

Can I Have Your Opinion, Please?

A Vision for 2019

And How My Paths Are Converging This Year! Part 1 - Returning to School Is A Little Scary! As many of you already know, I'm returning to school to get my teaching permit in Art Education and it's been a very long time since I was in university last. Much seems to have changed in … Continue reading A Vision for 2019

Get Funding For Your Creativity

About the same time I started┬ámy 500 Works of Art... project, I started sharing the art on Patreon to help with crowdfunding my future projects. Patreon is a combination Peer-support system and crowdfunding platform. There are a great many international artists giving away their creative output thanks to Patreon. They give free music, art, and … Continue reading Get Funding For Your Creativity

Monday’s Movers – Richard Tardif and Stop The Denial

I first met Richard a little over a year ago when I was exploring the possibility of growing a local lifestyle magazine. He is the Executive Director of the QCNA, a group that oversees the success of most of the English & bilingual publications in Quebec. I came for some advice and guidance from the … Continue reading Monday’s Movers – Richard Tardif and Stop The Denial

Odds & Ends – Getting Recognition

WARNING: I am no longer with Go Read. I cannot and will not endorse this business, no it's owner, Ken Dunn. In my opinion and you can Google them about being legitimate or a fraud, they are unreliable in the least. A little while back, a newer member reached out to me to ask me … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Getting Recognition

Odds & Ends – I Surrender…

... to my multitude of interests! Start with taking a look at my ever growing  Pinterest account which has 70 distinct boards with over 12,000 Pins, and I'm sure I could easily sub-categorize them even further into strong interests. I really believe that if I could split myself in 70 I could possibly find time to … Continue reading Odds & Ends – I Surrender…

Odds & Ends – How I made an extra $400 a month on GoRead.

Note: (April 2019)- Please be advised that I stopped with Goread over a year ago. I left them because I didn't have confidence in the integrity of their business practices, nor the honesty of their founder & owner, Ken Dunn. I strongly urge anyone interested in this company to do their due diligence. See: http://www.howtofilescams.com/current-scams/19445/next-century-publishing/Continue reading Odds & Ends – How I made an extra $400 a month on GoRead.