A Vision for 2019

And How My Paths Are Converging This Year! Part 1 - Returning to School Is A Little Scary! As many of you already know, I'm returning to school to get my teaching permit in Art Education and it's been a very long time since I was in university last. Much seems to have changed in … Continue reading A Vision for 2019

Get Funding For Your Creativity

About the same time I started my 500 Works of Art... project, I started sharing the art on Patreon to help with crowdfunding my future projects. Patreon is a combination Peer-support system and crowdfunding platform. There are a great many international artists giving away their creative output thanks to Patreon. They give free music, art, and … Continue reading Get Funding For Your Creativity

Monday’s Movers – Richard Tardif and Stop The Denial

I first met Richard a little over a year ago when I was exploring the possibility of growing a local lifestyle magazine. He is the Executive Director of the QCNA, a group that oversees the success of most of the English & bilingual publications in Quebec. I came for some advice and guidance from the … Continue reading Monday’s Movers – Richard Tardif and Stop The Denial

Odds & Ends – Getting Recognition

WARNING: I am no longer with Go Read. I cannot and will not endorse this business, no it's owner, Ken Dunn. In my opinion and you can Google them about being legitimate or a fraud, they are unreliable in the least. A little while back, a newer member reached out to me to ask me … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Getting Recognition

Odds & Ends – I Surrender…

... to my multitude of interests! Start with taking a look at my ever growing  Pinterest account which has 70 distinct boards with over 12,000 Pins, and I'm sure I could easily sub-categorize them even further into strong interests. I really believe that if I could split myself in 70 I could possibly find time to … Continue reading Odds & Ends – I Surrender…

Odds & Ends – How I made an extra $400 a month on GoRead.

Note: (April 2019)- Please be advised that I stopped with Goread over a year ago. I left them because I didn't have confidence in the integrity of their business practices, nor the honesty of their founder & owner, Ken Dunn. I strongly urge anyone interested in this company to do their due diligence. See: http://www.howtofilescams.com/current-scams/19445/next-century-publishing/Continue reading Odds & Ends – How I made an extra $400 a month on GoRead.