Casualty of War

Charcoal sticks and a little coloured charcoal rubbed over the page, blended, rubbed again, and blended again, then outlined... the end result is filled with pain and anguish. It reminded me of photographs of wounded soldiers, where it was hard to tell if the moment the camera captured was of them immobilized by their pain, … Continue reading Casualty of War

The Flemish Servant Girl

I am uncertain where I found the original photo for this portrait, but I'm sure the original photo didn't look like a close-up of the Dutch or flemish school painting. Perhaps the style or brushstroke indicative of these schools is all over the fingerprints of the Expressionist style I love so much. What ism or … Continue reading The Flemish Servant Girl

The Elder, Albert; Without A Pipe

First, do you also feel that this gentleman is missing his pipe? I get the feeling his hands might be fidgeting without it. Perhaps it's the feeling that he isn't sitting still, or that his eyes are imploring me to hurry up and finish the drawing, so he can get on with his business. I … Continue reading The Elder, Albert; Without A Pipe


Going back to a more Cubist styling with this beauty. She reminds me of an earlier drawing called "Lovelie Lao". It looks here like I've caught her waiting for someone or something and scrunching up her shoulders with some resignation of their delay. The layering and using of the sides of the conte sticks seems … Continue reading Waiting

The New Doonesbury

Her title came to me in a flash. Do you remember the Doonesbury comic strips? That's what she remind me of. Something sardonic in her expression. Thay all had it. A certain incredulity in their eyes. The odd hair that always looks like it's blown but something other than wind. I played a little more … Continue reading The New Doonesbury

Evil, at Rest

Is this character evil, or could that just be the name? Either way, they are in a casual mood and look restful in mind and body. Perhaps it's an old person dressing inappropriately for their age. It's hard to tell what's going on in their eyes and mind. What do you think they are thinking? … Continue reading Evil, at Rest

Dude! That Was Electric!

Whatever just happened, this dude really tripped on it. His whole being is tingling with electricity. Is he wired from the experience, or has the experience become wired because of something else he's done (or ingested)? Who's to say. All I know is this looks like a state of mind that seems awesome to be … Continue reading Dude! That Was Electric!

Right Through You

Using only conte on this black paper remains an interesting challenge. Mainly as the key, for me at least, is to remember to apply light touches as I use the colours and then blend repeatedly. The pretty girl has caught you staring at her and isn't amused. She gives you the devil stare that challenges … Continue reading Right Through You

Deep, Philosophical Sadness

The sadness is mostly in the eyes for this guy, and maybe I took the easy road to connecting the feeling of his being philosophical, because of the beard. The funny thing is that the image that inspired this one was most definitely not Sophocles. Regardless of the source material, something inside me was coming … Continue reading Deep, Philosophical Sadness

Contemplating A Darkness

Something deliciously evil just came over this guy's mind and we are witnessing the beginning of the smile of awareness, as well as the subtle shadow that is growing from the right side of his face. He is looking right at you with a secret knowing. What did you ask him to get this look? … Continue reading Contemplating A Darkness