Monday’s Meanings #1: Internalizing Self-Worth

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth” By Unknown I take this to mean that we only do ourselves a disservice by relying on the judgement of others to define our self-worth. I’ve done this my whole life and it’s a terribly tenacious habit to break. It shows up in … Continue reading Monday’s Meanings #1: Internalizing Self-Worth

Sunday’s Speculations #1: Comfort Zones

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” By Rumi I’m not sure I’m ready to embrace this idea yet, only because I am still making excuses for not doing it. My primary excuse is financial. I do have responsibilities and I also fear the resistance … Continue reading Sunday’s Speculations #1: Comfort Zones


Could this guy be a monk, a yogi, a wizened guru, or just some old guy? Whatever and whoever he is, he looks wise. There's that added calm he emotes that gives the feeling he might be wiser than us. The photo I took of this older guy had him much farther from the lens, … Continue reading Wisdom

Status Update – How Much Have I Progressed

622 Days Into This Obsession, And... I started this little adventure in writing a little under two years ago with an article titled: What I Want - 30 days to Clearly Defining It. I just re-read it and I am not sure I can list all the changes that have come since I started my … Continue reading Status Update – How Much Have I Progressed

Now, Is All There Is.

It's Starting To Sink In Almost thirty years ago I read The Way of The Bull by Leo Buscaglia and started considering the concept of Carpe Diem as part of an endless wish-list. Only, how to implement it when there are so many life-obstacles possible? Well, I didn't get the concept back then, so I … Continue reading Now, Is All There Is.

Over 2 Years On This Journey And The Same Question Comes To Me Daily!

What Do I Really Want To Do? This quote came to me today and it resonated with another part of my soul. It feels like the angel sending me this message understands that I have struggled with answering this question and asked it in a very different way. Starting with a gentle preamble that encourages … Continue reading Over 2 Years On This Journey And The Same Question Comes To Me Daily!

Thank You, Mr. Hawking

Today we celebrate the life of one of the greatest minds in human history. Thank you. Mr. Hawking for all your gifts you've shared with us, all the wisdom you've fostered in us, all the curiosity you've motivated in us, for all the hope you've nurtured in us, and for all the inspiration you've given … Continue reading Thank You, Mr. Hawking

Monday’s Movers – OSHO: Awareness

OSHO:  Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance Insight for a new way of living I’m not sure how much of Osho’s keys to balanced living I’ve incorporated into my life yet, but I have a much better feeling about them. I say feeling because what I do understand feels like the release of self-forgiveness. … Continue reading Monday’s Movers – OSHO: Awareness