As is my practice from time to time, I asked the Angels & the universe a question this morning. “How will I increase my income today?” Maybe not such a deep question, but the explanation for it’s simplicity would be another article in itself.
I often use my Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards and seldom do they disappoint me. Today’s answer blew my mind…
I drew the COUNSELlOR card.: Archangel Azreal: “You are a natural counsellor, and many people benefit from your guidance and reassurance.”
“Your life purpose involves counselling people in ways that uplift, motivate, comfort, heal, and inspire. You’re a true spiritual counsellor, and people find you to be a trustworthy confidante. Expand your counselling work to the next level, because you’re about to help greater numbers of people. ”
Amazing how some messages hit deeper than others. I am about to launch my daily feature on the creative process with the intention of helping creatives grow. I believe everyone can be creative and I intend to help anyone who cares to develop their creative passions.
The next daily is dedicated to those who are infinitely curious like me… a year of intentional learning… more will come on that as soon as I feel closer to my launch date…
Finally, I was invited to join a consulting group and it is turning into an international braintrust. What an awesome and exciting project for me to be part of. Stay tuned for more information on Management Group International & MGI Strategies. I believe we will change the world.
I’m so excited by the results of today’s prayers and invite you to share your enthusiasms for your projects, you questions, and your feedback.
Isn’t life tremendous?!?
Wishing you all an amazing weekend!

Sacred Touches

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