Transformations With Life #11 – A Single Thought

I found this tiny maple tree growing like a weed near my deck in the backyard. It hoped up from nowhere and seemed to have something important to say, but it had no voice. I still had one of hundreds of small shot classes I made a few years ago that felt like a perfect … Continue reading Transformations With Life #11 – A Single Thought

Montreal Music – Introducing The Cold Snaps

Every time I meet my dear friend, Berel we get into wonderful conversations about philosophy, self-awareness, and our passions for the arts. He captures hearts and minds every time he starts talking ab out his passion for singing, Barbershop style. The hard work, dedication, and love he and his fellow Cold Snaps put into there … Continue reading Montreal Music – Introducing The Cold Snaps

Hollow Men Perfecto circa 1980’s

I recently received a question about this old biker jacket I painted back in the late 1980's and it brought forth a surge of memories. Guess what, they felt pretty fun to remember! The great compliment of someone finding interest in something I made so long ago and offering to buy it, if it had … Continue reading Hollow Men Perfecto circa 1980’s

The Usual Mask I Wear

The inspiration for this face was so completely different than the end result, you can't imagine. My process of drawing a rough outline of the image from the inspiration source, then immediately removing the original from view, before filling it in, almost always reveals surprises. This way, I feel I am inspired by something then … Continue reading The Usual Mask I Wear


I found this really cute drawing the other day and it's been rattling around my brain. I wasn't sure how to translate the realistic portrait into my more Expressionist style, so I did what I usually do. I put the black pencil on the paper and let go. In this case, the pencil was a … Continue reading Lyric

Myself, or My Brother

I was recently asked about a hand painted perfecto I made about thirty years ago and it got me digging through old pictures of it for the inquirer. While digging I found a small stash of pictures of myself and my brother, Wayne, when we were in our teens. We are 9 years apart, but … Continue reading Myself, or My Brother

Transformations With Life #10 – Reimagined Office Garden

Above is the original bowl. It was sitting uncomfortably in a display case among others in my ceramic series called Paper Bowls. About a week ago my lovely wife came home with some plants from her office that had been damaged by the cleaning lady and she asked me to replant them into some dull … Continue reading Transformations With Life #10 – Reimagined Office Garden

A Dedication to Road And Driver Safety #2

FUELLING THE ENGINE OF SAFETY WITH PROPER MAINTENANCE Coencorp: A company that understands caring for their clients means finding solutions to protect their most important resources: The Human Resources

A Dedication to Road and Driver Safety #1 Coencorp: A company who knows why there's much more to good business practices than just the bottom line.

She Is

I really wasn't sure what to say about this figure. It was androgynous, somewhat angry, evocative, abrasive, and purposfully ugly. I decided she didn't need to identify herself and anything other than who she was: She is Herself, and because of that, she is fierce, inspiring, and beautiful! Another realization regarding environmental conditions while using … Continue reading She Is