Painted Sky

The clouds swirled around some unseen source.Not sun, not moonSome light hole in the sky. It took a fraction of a second to see it dissipate after I caught it. When I brought the image into photoshop, some of the swirl had magically evaporated and left behind hints of this aquamarine sky. See More at Arts M.Perron

Watercolour Sky

Sunrise almost always inspires my creativity. The framing of this one was I'm portent, as I was taking random shots from across the street and found myself frustrated by the signs of human presence: houses, electrical wires, etc… While cropping to get the framing right, I saw more than my original attraction tin to the … Continue reading Watercolour Sky

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Textured Sunrise

The tension is all in the texture! I kept playing with detail, definition and focus. On the camera, I could tell there was something to see in the trees themselves and it was making me anxious. The blessing of poor eyesight has been that I need to trust my instincts and grab shots that feel … Continue reading Textured Sunrise

Stained Glass Sky

This shot was originally taken at sunrise. The silhouettes of the trees played a fun contrast against the redness of the sun. When I played with saturations, the redness of the sun painted the whole sky this gorgeous blue. In the close-up you can see that the slightest wisp of cloud also got highlighted in … Continue reading Stained Glass Sky

Red Sky Morning 1

"Red Sky in the morning, sailor's warning" Isn't that how the saying goes? There is a strange tension between the bands of colour in the sky and how the silhouetted trees contrast with them. I played a lot with this image and found it increasingly painterly. Something similar to a group of Seven styling. See … Continue reading Red Sky Morning 1

A Touch Beyond Shabby-Chic

A Touch Beyond Shabby-Chic — Read on

Nature’s Wonders

The tree outside my front door gives us endless joy and beauty. from the sounds coming from it to the endless colour and light plays that shine through it, from day to day, and season to season. Here we catch the remaining deep-green in the shadows under the flames of fall colours. The colours are … Continue reading Nature’s Wonders

How to judge your work

How to judge your work — Read on

Righting an old wrong

I recently received a comment on an old posting regarding my once involvement with GoRead/Readers Legacy. I had tried to put them out of mind as it was an experience with mixed results. The article was under "Odds & Ends..." For the year I spent investing in them, I did end up making a little … Continue reading Righting an old wrong