Thursday’s Thoughts #12: That’s so ‘passé’

“It’s funny how we outgrow what we once couldn’t live without, and then we fall in love with what we didn’t even know we wanted. Life keeps leading us on journeys we would never go on if it were up to us. Don’t be afraid. Have faith. Find the lessons. Trust the journey.” From  … Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts #12: That’s so ‘passé’

Old Man Facing The Wind

I was in need of filling a little time and didn't feel like getting dirty with charcoals, so I sat on a bench not far from this older businessman. He was enjoying the breeze and sunshine on his face. Well, that's what I think he was doing and probably what it would have looked like, … Continue reading Old Man Facing The Wind

Wednesday’s Wisdoms #12: The One Thing…

“There are two rules for success: 1. Never reveal everything you know.” By Roger H. Lincoln I went on a rant about this one recently, and I wasn’t even sure where the rant came from. I was frustrated at my best-intentioned parents for some advice they were trying to give me following my sharing some … Continue reading Wednesday’s Wisdoms #12: The One Thing…

Mesmer, or some other freak who turned me into a chicken in Las Vegas

I think I just woke up, refreshed and not remembering a thing about being a chicken... I have no clue what deep dark corner of my mind pulls this nonsense into the light of day, but here it is. Say hello to the Kramer of hypnotists. Capable of doing great things, but somehow, just like … Continue reading Mesmer, or some other freak who turned me into a chicken in Las Vegas

Tuesday’s Triumphs #12: Let it be

“It’s not a matter of letting go - you would if you could. Instead of “Let it go” we should probably say “Let it be”. By Jon Kabat-Zinn Every day I learn something new that either builds upon previous beliefs or shakes them apart into new ones. Last week I was exploring how to let … Continue reading Tuesday’s Triumphs #12: Let it be

Hellish Hair

Ok, this one may be more imitation than inspiration... well, I'm not sure. I was looking at charcoal drawings and saw someone make a portrait of some guy with messy hair. It followed closely after some stupid fashion ad on Instagram of people with "stylishly messy hair". Anywho... the drawing was done in a more … Continue reading Hellish Hair

Monday’s Meanings #12: I can live without it, so it must be coming…

“If you can reach the place where you can joyfully live with the absence of what you want to manifest, because the presence of the idea is so delicious, then the presence of it must come to you, and will quickly.” By Abraham-Hicks Oh boy, this one does require a little play to explore it. … Continue reading Monday’s Meanings #12: I can live without it, so it must be coming…

Fierce Anger

I was scrolling over my Facebook feed, trying desperately not to feel like I was wasting time... I reeeeeealy was!!! I frankly have no idea what the protest was about, but I saw a familiar image of some guy yelling at another person and his face was full of righteous indignation... Feel free to interpret … Continue reading Fierce Anger

Sunday’s Speculations #12: Simple Solutions

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” By Hans Hofmann God bless Marie Kondo for all her fun ways of simplifying our environments and really bringing home the practice of gratitude for what we have. I won’t launch into my opinions on the ills of mass consumerism, … Continue reading Sunday’s Speculations #12: Simple Solutions

Saturday’s Surprises #11: How Are You Smart?

“Never forget that intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden. Therefore, remove yourself as far as possible from ignorance and seek as far as possible to be intelligent.”  By Marcus Garvey I’m a little conflicted about this one, and it has to do with my sometimes unrealistic definition of being intelligent. Part of … Continue reading Saturday’s Surprises #11: How Are You Smart?