A New Mask To Wear

I was getting a little frustrated with the usual face shapes and really didn't have a clear idea what to do next, then the brush seemed to move on its own and formed a triangular face. Once I finished the outlines, I felt sure it looked like something I'd seen years ago in a James … Continue reading A New Mask To Wear


The Happier Karamazov

The title is wholly sarcastic. The Brother's Karamazov, while a debatable excellent book, was not the happiest tome every written. The main characters may have had moments of joy, but overall this was a cold and dismal life. Ok, so this is my impression and it is a remembered impression from over 25 years ago. … Continue reading The Happier Karamazov

Oh My, The Happiness…

The simplest drawings sometimes release the purest feelings. I'd been drawing for a while where this one came out and I was in a moment of bliss. The only conscious decision was the basic shape of the face. I then let my m kind choose the mouth and the rest flowed to a happier face. … Continue reading Oh My, The Happiness…

One Sided View

The title refers to the expression on the face, as much as the shading I gave it. The shading is on one side and gives me the feeling this character only listens from a certain perspective, or only and always picks a single side of every issue. The other aspect of the title refers to … Continue reading One Sided View

Could This Be Me?

Pinterest suggested to me a slew of self-portraits by Egon Schiele. His work has always had a visceral effect on me; simultaneously titilating and disturbing. I've read a little on his motivations and still feel that he was offering his own explanations to further instigate reactions. He was a shit disturber, for sure! However, there … Continue reading Could This Be Me?

And Then She Walked In…

I was doing a little research on some abstract cubism and came across a bunch of loosely figurative paintings. I was amazed at the expressiveness they offered. I was immediately drawn in to the possible stories the figures were living and enjoyed them extensively. The more minimalist ones offered the greatest room for me to … Continue reading And Then She Walked In…


The expression is definite and he wants you to know that he means it. I haven't the foggiest what he wants to say, but I believe him. See more at Arts M.Perron: http://www.1-mario-perron.pixels.com

Saving fuel is like mining for gold for the mining industry

Read the new blog from Coencorp! Mining Industry: Finding Gold In Our Fuel Management


I'm reading another book on Zen and it loves to use the terms "muchness" & "is-ness" to describe the state of being while not-doing. While thinking about this drawing, I couldn't figure out what it was, much less what it was trying to do or say. It just was what it was. So be it! … Continue reading SUCHNESS


Today, while doing some sketches, I looked in the mirror to see what face stared back. Then I let my subconscious take over the drawing. The inner vision goes with my fresh haircut, but my outside feels a little old and tired. Maybe all my self-portraits will reveal some of the true me, as I … Continue reading STILL YOUNG ON THE INSIDE