Very, Very Montreal

Montreal (Quebec, Canada) has some very interesting architecture, but almost every city in the world can say that with subjective ease. What makes the architecture of Montreal so interesting is how it is combined: the old and the new create layers of emotional design that open doors to the rich and often turbulent history of … Continue reading Very, Very Montreal

The Benefit of 30 Years of good Business Practice Is…

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Unfinished or Undone Cathedral

I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing from this church. I didn't crop out the surrounding buildings I didn't take away surrounding trees. I only changed the sky. So, what was it that was missing from what I at first mislabelled as a cathedral? Well, perhaps it's that it isn't a cathedral anymore, … Continue reading Unfinished or Undone Cathedral

Tough Life

Perhaps it's the broken nose and the big square jaw, but I get the feeling this guy is a fighter. There's a softness and sadness in his face that tells me he doesn't want this life, but despairs he has no choice. Something about it feels like Marlon Brando from On The Waterfront, after he … Continue reading Tough Life


Look up "content" or "satisfied" in the dictionary and you probably won't find this face, but maybe you will. I wasn't sure if the eyes would look like granny glasses or alien eyes, but I just had to have them extend past the sides of the face. I pushed a softer nose and smiling mouth, … Continue reading Satisfaction

Pleasantly Unpleasant

This guy is outright objectionable. Just one of those faces you want to dislike. After doing the outlines, I was about to draw in the ears, but decided the feeling of being a jerk coming off this face would be enhanced with a lack of ears. To add to his undesirable qualities, he just doesn't … Continue reading Pleasantly Unpleasant

Playing It Cool

The face betrays only the hint of nervousness, but enough to get a whisper of the inner dialogue going on in his head. He is about to confront something, or be noticed for something he desperately wants to avoid. What we hear is his inner mantra of "Play it cool! What do you see? See … Continue reading Playing It Cool


I get so much joy out of naming these faces and all my artwork, for that matter. I tell myself stories about the images, who they may be, what they are doing at the very moment they are captured in this picture. Sometimes my imagination just spirals away into utter silliness and bliss. I heard … Continue reading Avoidance

A New Mask To Wear

I was getting a little frustrated with the usual face shapes and really didn't have a clear idea what to do next, then the brush seemed to move on its own and formed a triangular face. Once I finished the outlines, I felt sure it looked like something I'd seen years ago in a James … Continue reading A New Mask To Wear

The Happier Karamazov

The title is wholly sarcastic. The Brother's Karamazov, while a debatable excellent book, was not the happiest tome every written. The main characters may have had moments of joy, but overall this was a cold and dismal life. Ok, so this is my impression and it is a remembered impression from over 25 years ago. … Continue reading The Happier Karamazov