The hair was the easiest choice… almost. I wanted a flat black and decided to do a base of Mars Black with a little Paynes Grey over it. I had contemplated adding some light grey highlights (perhaps an unnecessary touch of reality). The glass were the blues in my own glass – also an easy choice. For the skin tones, I mixed my own pinks and greens and left them blotchy, which oddly matches the wonderful Winter paler of my skin. Then there was the shirt…

I was wearing a two-toned hoodie of pink and beige. These colours just clashed terribly with everything else I picked (as you can see in this step). I started to blend in lighter colours over the background to see what that would do and it only got worse. I needed to change the shirt!

More on the shirt in the next post… stay tuned for tomorrow.


One thought on “Self-Portrait Project Fifteen (Part c) – Struggling with Colours

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