While I’m enjoying the annotated feel of this and how it feels cartoonishly alien, it isn’t what I was intending. It feels… incongruous. Some of the faces aren’t in the same style or emotional range. At this stage, I feel that I’ve fallen back on my older drawing style and not kept with the spontaneous emotions of using loaded brushes to fill in colour patches. I realized that I was overthinking the colour blending and pushing the thin colours into the canvas, instead of allowing them to scream out from the surface. I’m also uncertain about the lack of hair on the heads.

I need to stop and sleep on it, and come back with the courage to throw caution to the wind and power on more paint. Stay tuned…


7 thoughts on “A Crowd of Me – Three – It feels oddly cartoonish, for now…

      1. Well, I think for me it has to do with age. I am 60, but I feel like I can still think like a child, a teen, and a young adult. I don’t know if that makes sense. But I still love reading children’s literature more than anything these days, and I really miss teaching my kids! 😁

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      2. I get that. I’m 53 and feel it’s no longer necessary to identify, or label, or categorize single sources of knowledge or inspiration… they’ve all blended together in my head. I love all sorts of diverse things for all sorts of diverse reasons…


    1. For sure the eyes have something to do with it. The lack of hair (at this point in the process) also lend itself to the global consciousness vision of what aliens might look like. I also feel the greens for the background bring me back to the first colourized Science Fiction films. Why was that smoke so often green?

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