First, this was an excellent refresher regarding how to build engaging and meaningful learning experiences. The key point is being a student-centred educator. INCLUDE your students… make them the centre of every choice and method of delivery. It is all about them, not you!

Start by being aware of your own biases: we are who we are right now, because of our previous experiences. AND We are continually evolving with every new experience. Embrace your students’ experiences as learning opportunities and incorporate that into how you teach. Because we are a result of our experiences, remember to bring that to what you teach… share yourself authentically, AND with the knowledge that it can and probably will change when you interact with others. “Seek to understand, before being understood”: make this a dogma of open-mindedness and a tool to build bridges of communication, connection, and understandings.

Establish this co-learning environment as an expectation and you will encourage the engagement of your students.

Model an authentically curious mindset and you will foster your students’ self-efficacy.

Did I get a lot out of this course? ABSOLUTELY!

One big takeaway is my desire to get your thoughts on the guiding question of this course: WHAT DOES AN INCLUSIVE LEARNING SITUATION LOOK LIKE FOR YOU?

Course Description: “What could your business achieve if your training ignited the potential of every member of your organization, sparking curiosity, learning, and a desire for more professional development? In this course, learning and development expert Naphtali Bryant shows the power of inclusive learning experiences and how they can open the door for people of all identities, backgrounds, and perspectives toward greater achievement and fulfillment. Naphtali centers this around his INCLUDE model, a simple and practical approach to create environments and outcomes all learners can participate in and grow from. If you have a hand in designing your organization’s learning solutions and want to create transformational learning experiences, join Naphtali in this course.”


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