I think I found the music needed to make this work… Hothouse Flowers on Spotify… I forgot how much I loved the live recording style they had… a lot like The Doors.

As mentioned yesterday (I think), I decided on using titanium white as a base to add the girl’s bathing suit. Then I just kept adding flattened colours to it… yellows, red, green… blue. I loaded up the brushes thickly and pushed them hard into the canvas… this heavily textured (overpainted) canvas is proving to be an interesting challenge in letting go.

I think I have my light bases down for now. Next will be the darker tones and shadows. I won’t lie, that is a little intimidating. I revert momentarily back to the insecurity of “what if I make a mistake?”

It’s only paint. It dries and can be painted over… more texture!

See you on the dark side… literally in the case of the next steps with dark paints.

ps: I’m thinking something else needs to be done to the background too, but I’m not sure what… yet.

Stay tuned…

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