Since I’ve had the time on my hands, I’ve built new routines into my week to keep my mind productive and occupied… ie: This is one of my happiness practices.

Knowing this, I have been taking FREE online courses through Udemy or Skillshare. Today, I started exploring Udemy for some answers to my question and found the following Free Courses on Gratitude. I’m not going to evaluate them for you, because I believe my ratings will be subjective to my experience. I think you should explore them yourselves.

What I can share with you are the two main concepts that come up related to gratitude.

First, gratitude can be achieved by mindfulness. Being in the moment allows us to appreciate the experiences we are having now. This focused appreciation replaces any feelings of loss and/or anxiety that comes with thinking about the past and future. For me, “NOW” is logical and unemotional. This logic feels peaceful to me. I really appreciate the peace-of-mind.

Second, gratitude delivers and/or comes from happiness. Maybe both. I’m still not ready to definitively say which comes first. I know that I feel happiness when I contemplate how I feel when I think I’m grateful. I also know, I can easily define myself as being grateful for what brings me feelings of happiness.

What does gratitude feel like to you?

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My intention is to build a better understanding of what gratitude feels like and I need your help!

I intend to repost this question every day for 21 days (because I believe it is the duration needed to form habits) and add your responses to the posts. 


I really want to understand what gratitude feels like to my fellow humans and see the common aspects to the concept.

On April 27th, 2020, I started a search for the answers. What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You? – Day 1; I shared the first response on What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You? – Day 2; & shared a little research on What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You? – Day 3


  • a) We will share the positive feelings of gratitude with each other.
  • b) We will see common threads that help us define what gratitude is to us. 
  • c) We will focus on a positive concept and build understandings for better intentions.


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