Following another wonderful conversation with my amazing wife, we were discussing “manifesting”, “intentions” & “gratitude”. I wrote my daily journal today on the topic of intentions. I can more easily get my mind around the focusing benefits of intentions, but gratitude is an elusive and subjective concept. Elusive, precisely because it’s subjective. My research inquiry is: Is my understanding of gratitude flawed since it is the only unclear part of my manifesting process? I really want to understand what gratitude feels like to my fellow humans and see if there is-or-are common aspects to the concept.


My intention is to build a better understanding of what gratitude feels like and I need your help!

I intend to repost this question every day for the next 21 days (because I like this number πŸ˜‰ and feel its magic) and add your responses to the post.


  • a) We will share the positive feelings of gratitude with each other.
  • b) We will see common threads that help us define what gratitude is to us.
  • c) We will focus on a positive concept and build understandings for better intentions.

Call To Action:

Share with me here your definitions, realizations, reflections, and questions about gratitude.


This is where I will add your replies… I’ll do my best to take them from all my social media outlets. Please leave your name or username in the comments, so I can quote you properly.

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