I finished my daily reflection journal… a practice I fell in ‘like’ with after reading Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, and felt motivated to write today’s entry on gratitude. I started going over all my social media sites to read responses and found lots of people sharing tips on how to be grateful, but no responses on what gratitude feels like. So, I Googled the quation again. The same frustrating result: lots of ‘how to’ and almost no ‘feelings’. Then I felt a new question come on: “how do you know when you feel grateful?” I felt elated and positive about this new question… And I got a new insight as a reward…

“Just as anger or frustration manifests itself in the form of a tight chest or shortness of breath, gratitude too has a physical sensation. It can feel like warmth in the body, a sense of grounded-ness, a slowing of the breath, spaciousness in the chest and heart, uncontrollable tears or an automatic smile.” Nov 27, 2017 (From Thrive Global – What Does Gratitude Really Feel Like)

Now it’s your turn…

What does gratitude feel like to you?

Call To Action:



My intention is to build a better understanding of what gratitude feels like and I need your help!

I intend to repost this question every day for 21 days (because I believe it is the duration needed to form habits) and add your responses to the posts. 


I really want to understand what gratitude feels like to my fellow humans and see the common aspects to the concept.

On April 27th, 2020, I started a search for the answers. What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You? – Day 1; I shared the first response on What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You? – Day 2; shared a little research on What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You? – Day 3; & dug deeper on Day 4 – What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You?


  • a) We will share the positive feelings of gratitude with each other.
  • b) We will see common threads that help us define what gratitude is to us. 
  • c) We will focus on a positive concept and build understandings for better intentions.

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