Wow! What a ride!

Gratitude can be achieved in the mindset we choose; in the practice of acknowledging things, experiences, and people we are grateful for; in acknowledging to what we dislike and looking at the other side of the coin at what we do like instead; & in taking time to say thank you. There are many ways to find gratitude and many ways to practice it. However, none of these practices and habits answer my initial (very literally) question… What does gratitude feel like?

Gratitude feels good. – It’s a feeling that washes over your whole being, envelops you in a warm blanket of love, happiness, and comfort. Well, that is what it feels like to me; now it’s your turn to answer the question…




My intention is to build a better understanding of what gratitude feels like and I need your help!

I intend to repost this question every day for 21 days (because I believe it is the duration needed to form habits) and add your responses to the posts.


I really want to understand what gratitude feels like to my fellow humans and see the common aspects to the concept.

On April 27th, 2020, I started a search for the answers. What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You? – Day 1; I shared the first response on  Day 2; shared a little research on Day 3; I dug deeper on Day 4; let things flow a little more on Day 5; push the question on Day 6; reflect in a new way on Day 7; look at gratitude benefits on Day 8; express symtomology on Day 9: my Birthday happiness on Day 10; connecting Love to Gratitude on Day 11; pondered the benefits of feeling ungrateful on Day 12; gave thanks in a special way on Day 13: dreamed a little dream on Day 14; considered the power of a smile on Day 15; shared a well deserved thank you to a friend on Day 16; pealed away a layer on Day 17; found a silver linning in the cloud of overthinking on Day 18; said a few long-overdue thank yous on Day 19; & Asked for more on Day 20.


  • a) We will share the positive feelings of gratitude with each other.
  • b) We will see common threads that help us define what gratitude is to us. 
  • c) We will focus on a positive concept and build understandings for better intentions.

2 thoughts on “Day 21 – What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You?

  1. Remembering feelings of special moments at a given time, The small things that strangers did to comfort in a hard time. If you are in a need of help, go and help someone who need more than you, and see how they react.

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